• Jon White

Film critic Jon White says Kingsman and Flatliners not "must see" movies

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a decent sequel with an interesting storyline. Julianne Moore is an acceptable villain, but I preferred the first installment with Samuel Jackson and Sofia Boutella; they were a more captivating pair. Channing Tatum is a good addition to the cast, but he is mainly for show he doesn't really have any action scenes.

The far-fetched action scenes made the film a joy to watch, especially with Pedro Pascal being in the majority of the better action footage. This film is a pleasure to watch, but I wouldn't credit it to be a "must-see" film. This is a film for movie lovers, those who want to get out of the house, and fans of the previous chapter.

FlatLiners is an acceptable remake but neither the original, or this current interpretation, offer anything that is "must-see" material This version gives better details showing the side effects of the flatline experiment, as well as, achieving a more emotional appeal displaying the characters' pressures and struggles they face as med students.

The film gives a more horrific aspect, similar to The Ring, with a very creepy atmosphere in certain moments. The acting cast executed the story line very well, with Keifer Sutherland's short duration still being some of the most memorable. This film is recommended for those who want to go out and have already seen their top movie choices.

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