Windsor Woods ES's Brandon Thompson teaches kindergarten, also a mixed media artist

Brandon Thompson, a Windsor Woods Elementary School kindergarten teacher, is also a mixed media artist, having recently displayed his work at the Neptune Festival and Stockley Gardens Art Festival.

"All Bent Up Art" is the name under which his art is listed.

Thompson has always loved and appreciated art and started doing mixed media about eight years ago. He wanted to try something new other than just doing abstract paintings and worked to find his own niche.

He started thinking of things he could use and silverware popped into his mind. He had seen people make jewelry before, but not in art like he had envisioned.

After a lot of trial and error, he finally got the kinks worked out.

He started adding other found objects as well into his art.

He loved the idea of taking something old and bringing new life into it in a fun unique way.

Courtesy photo: Brandon Thompson at this past summer's Neptune Festival, among with his artwork

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