• Debbie Collett

A ski trip led to inspiration for Kempsville poet Debbie Collett, hearing flakes hit the ground and

I went skiing at Bryce Mountain. We skied most of the day and then lounged around a large fire in the afternoon. Right before dusk we decided to go for a walk. It started snowing. They were the largest snowflakes I have ever seen. Strangely there was absolutely no wind. The silence was complete. It was so still and quiet you could actually hear the large flakes hitting the ground. It was one of the most peaceful scenes I have ever witnessed

Winter’s Grace

A silence falls, a flake is seen,

A sudden peaceful winter’s dream.

A flock of geese is on the run,

In time to see the setting sun.

A chill is settling on the land,

As from a touch of winter’s hand.

A perch upon a bending limb,

A perfect view for this day’s end.

A final call, a flapping wing,

The moon is rising, barely seen.

An echo somewhere rising high

As though a call to say goodnight.

A white-tailed deer stands in the trees,

In sudden motion, he retreats.

As day falls into quite night

I see a distant glowing light,

The snow is falling, heavy now.

The silence comforting somehow.

I hear the muted, muffled sound

As snowflakes softly touch the ground.

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