• Jon White

"15:17 to Paris" is okay, more about friendship than terrorism

The 15:17 To Paris primarily focuses on how the three heroes forged a friendship in their childhood years and how one member in particular wanted his adult life to have purpose.

The film does not spend a lot of time, or give a lot of background details, about the terrorist attack thwarted by these three men.

While the movie is enjoyable detailing their time in school and how they remained friends in their adult life, it's not a movie that you must make a trip to see in the theaters.

I compliment the film on its storytelling approach, having a documentary tone, but not using a documentary format.

It's also impressive that the actual patriots play themselves in the movie, giving it a genuine effect.

I would recommend this feature to be watched at home.

To the heroes, Alek, Spencer and Anthony: Your bravery and willingness to act prevented many lives from being lost and a lot of destruction. I extend to you, and all the survivors of that ordeal, a movie-lover salute.

That's the review.

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