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Arrowhead at Battle of Books; Cox dual students go to library

The Kempsville area Battle of the Books Competition took place recently at the Virginia Beach/TCC Joint Use Library.

The Jeopardy-style trivia competition is open to schools across the city. Teams of five fifth-graders join together to read and study 10 books selected by the Virginia Beach Public Library.

Arrowhead Elementary School sent two teams to the competition this year, both of them spending almost every lunch time since Christmas in the media center to discuss and quiz each other on the books in preparation for the competition.

Although neither team left as the big winner of the night, both teams did really well and more importantly, had a great time reading some great books!

At their team dinner before the competition, Laila Morris encouraged her teammates, saying, "This is the best club I've ever been a part of! Even if we don't win, I've had a great time with you guys!" They all agreed that win or lose, they have had a lot of fun!

Top photo, left to right: Both of Arrowhead's teams gathered together in front of a good luck sign put up by the Arrowhead Administration Buidling. Jack Babcock (ITS and team sponsor), Ashton Heine, Bella Ritter, Maddie McKenna, Sandra Wilburn, Laila Morris, Alexis Rush, Willow Birdette, Elmor Beltran, Taylor Robertson, Allie Curry and Kellee Kraft (LMS and team sponsor). (Courtesy photos.)

Team Page Turners, left to right: Elmor Beltran, Allie Curry, Taylor Robertson, Mrs. Kellee Kraft (LMS and team sponsor), Lexi Rush and Willow Birdette.

Team Book Force 1, left to right: Bella Ritter, Laila Morris, Mr. Jack Babcock (ITS and team sponsor), Maddie McKenna, Ashton Heine and Sandra Wilburn.


Cox Dual Enrollment students were given the opportunity to participate in an actual college setting to enhance their research skills and learn how to use the college library. Dual Enrollment is a college level course offered to high school seniors, giving them the opportunity to earn English college credits. (Courtesy photo.)

Cox dual enrollment students visit Joint Use Library

Kerstin Devlin's Dual Enrollment classes from Cox High School traveled to the Virginia Beach/TCC Joint Use Library to receive a library lesson in effort to give students hands-on experience as they learned how to access and use college databases and how to format and cite research papers in APA format.

Upon arriving at the campus, students received a college ID and visited the book store and food court before diving into the learning process.

"TCC had a great campus and a great community. All around it was an A+ trip," senior Abbey Heller said.

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