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Critic Jon White walks out halfway through Wrinkle in Time

There weren't many options this week for movies and I reluctantly chose to see A Wrinkle in Time. It definitely has a lot of heavy-hitting actors, including Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine. But it needed more.

The visual effects are masterfully done, giving the film a magical, fantasy world appeal. The theme of a young girl, determined to save her lost father, sets a strong emotional foundation for the film, as well.

It has all the resources to be a great movie for all, but I find it best-suited for young children or preteens.

As I was watching, I Just felt it was continuously off track or as if one of the tires was deflated. There wasn't a smooth rhythm.


As I was watching the movie I Just felt it was continuously off track, or as if one of the tires was deflated. There wasn't a smooth rhythm.


While all the cast members were great in performing their roles, kids as well as adults, Mindy Kaling and Deric McCabe's lines just felt poorly timed. While certain conversations between actors went well with the movie's flow, Mindy and Deric's lines just felt forced and annoying. It was similar to a fly buzzing around your ear as you are trying to watch television or eat your food.

These are criticisms that most young people wouldn't have with the film, that's why I feel it is best targeted for them.

Of course, this is a good family movie and though it is a big production, I wouldn't put it on the level of The Lion King, Toy Story or any other classics, such as those.

My best suggestion is to see this film if you really want to take the family out to the movies, because it's not a must-see film. I left halfway through. That's the review.

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