• Debbie Collett

Exploring barns for animals inspired Debbie Collett's Country Mile

My family used to travel way out into the country, almost every summer, to visit my mother’s parents in North Carolina. The first thing I would do when we arrived was to run to the barn in the back, looking for any new animals that might be inside. This poem reminds me of those days.

Country Mile

There were sunny smiles on rainy days;

A radio where country music played;

A morning fog and late day haze,

Simple times and simple ways.

Whispering winds across the fields.

Homemade bread and country meals.

Laughter, talking, that was real,

And simple love that you could feel.

Holding wrinkled hands in mine,

Hearing stories of old times,

Walking in the bright sunshine,

Leaving city life behind.

The rocker on the porch just right,

For hearing crickets in the night.

And skies not hindered by a light,

Would show you every star in sight.

Words that could be counted on,

To always make you feel at home.

Cane pole fishing on a deep blue pond;

And shucking corn out on the lawn.

I know that in the course of time,

The colored pictures in my mind

Will not be lost or left behind,

The peace and love are there to find.

My heart is held within the land,

In ways I may not understand.

Like footsteps placed upon the sand,

That fade and then appear again.

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