• Jon White

Looking forward to Spielberg's upcoming Ready Player One

The new Steven Spielberg science fiction action adventure movie, Ready Player One, is about to hit theaters and I wanted to mention his track record before giving the review next week.

I knew Spielberg had many blockbuster hits under his belt in various categories, but even I was surprised by quite a few movies in which he was involved.

Spielberg has been a major money generator for Hollywood for decades, producing movies that have survived the test of time, and he can still entertain both old and young audiences.

Having the privilege of seeing some of his movies when I was young, I still find them enjoyable as an adult. While many would claim any one of the Jurassic Park series, Indiana Jones series, Hook or E.T. as their favorite film, mine has always been The Goonies.

Whatever your favorite Spielberg movie may be, it's very apparent that his films have made a strong impact to cinema culture and it's a big event whenever he releases a new project.

I look forward to seeing Ready Player One and giving you my thoughts. Stay safe movie-lovers and the review is coming.


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