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Green Run HS students see MREs; Golden Fold meets at Kempsville HS

Culinary specialist and Cox High School alumnus Taylor Cunningham visited the school's culinary students recently to speak about the techniques used in the battlefield to feed large numbers of troops.

"I graduated here three years ago," she said. "I came today to show the students Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)."

Cunningham brought boxes of MREs to show to students in Ms. Goodman's culinary classes.

"This is what we make to serve to all the troops in the field and they feed from 30 people to 1,200 people," Cunningham said. "Troops have little time between tasks to cook and eat, therefore, MRE's are given to restore energy and be more efficient. MREs have about 3,000 calories each. There is an entree, a heat pack to cook the food and snacks, such as crackers, nuts, raisins and juice. Some of the entree options are chicken with noodles, hash browns and pancakes and dumplings."

Cunningham was asked by students to elaborate on her experience in high school and her decisions after graduation about her decision to become a culinary specialist in the National Guard.

"I decided to go into the National Guard in hopes to work my way up to the culinary sector, through eight weeks of training," she said. "After accomplishing this, I am hoping to further my education by going to college."

Culinary Specialist Taylor Cunningham.

(Courtesy photo.)


Parenting program at Green Run High School

The Golden Fold meets on Tuesday, May 22 at 6:30 p.m. in Green Run High School's library for the fourth installment of its Carter G. Leadership Lecture Series. This one, "A Stronger Village," features experts sharing lessons and strategies for single mothers who are raising sons, fathers returning to their children and lessons for "Far-in-the-Future Fathers."

During this event, the members of 200+ Men will honor its Father of The Year, Ryan Lynch, who is a single father of three sons and a facilitator for Virginia Beach's Fathers In Training program, which assists fathers who are addressing various challenges associated with fatherhood.

For more information on this series call 757-932-0177 or email theGoldenFoldMovement@gmail.com.

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