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Kempsville's Debbie Collett shares her latest poem, Journey


The sun has peeked over the shore.

The wind has perked a little more.

All is packed and set to go.

We climb aboard and take it slow.

The sails go up, the waters rise.

The sun moves up into the sky.

The seagulls screech and then they dive.

The breeze picks up the morning tide.

The waves are low but getting big.

The boat is set with all the rigs.

The water splashes on the side.

All set for an amazing ride.

The mainsail blossoms in the wind.

The jib is up and tight again.

The wind is pushing us away

From land and far into the bay.

A group of dolphins play nearby.

The colors change up in the sky.

The wind and sun are like a gift

Of peace and light; our spirits lift.

A silent trail will mark the ride.

We sail into the changing tide,

And leave behind a distant shore;

Into a place not seen before.

A freedom’s found in this new day.

Our cares are many miles away.

The prism of the sky and sea

Brings hope to light and sets us free.

This piece of creative writing was penned by Debbie Collett, a Kempsville resident and Norfolk paralegal and is printed here with the author's expressed written consent.

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