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VB students get new Chromebooks for the new school year

Virginia Beach City Public Schools' Department of Technology recently processed some 19,000 Chromebooks through its warehouse, to join more than 45,500 other learning devices like it already in use by students across the division.

Beginning next month, they will be placed in the hands of every student in grades one through 12, at all 86 schools and educational centers in the city.

“Originally, the devices were scheduled to be delivered to the schools in early September, but each day our team challenged themselves to provision and deliver more devices than the day before,” said Ramesh Kapoor, the division's chief information officer. “One day, the team provisioned 2,057 devices, which is an amazing feat.”

Virginia Beach City Public Schools' Department of Technology has processed some 19,000 Chromebooks through ts warehouse, to work with more than 45,500 devices already in use by students across the division. (Courtesy photo.)

Before they reach students’ hands, each device must be tagged with a barcode, tested, updated and repacked into boxes for delivery to its specified school.

Additionally, school administrators and staff are provided training on the best practices for using technology in the classroom, said Kapoor.

In order to process thousands of new Chromebooks, the division built a microcontroller to program all of them, allowing what previously took an individual 10 to 15 minutes to do, to be done now in less than a minute.

As of Aug. 8, all 19,000 of the new Chromebooks were tested, updated, programmed and scheduled for delivery to their designated schools.

Delivery for the devices will be complete before the beginning of the school year, which starts on September 4.

Classes in grades one through four are provided charging carts as a means to store and change the devices, which remain at school.

In grades five through 12, classes are provided with a case to easily and safely carry the device between home and school.

Throughout the school year, schools host parent engagement events in which family members are invited to see firsthand how students interact with the devices in a classroom setting.

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