• Debbie Collett

A Santa Cruz sunset moved Kempsville poet to compose, Freedom

This piece was written shortly after seeing one of the most wonderful sunsets I have ever seen, in Santa Cruz, Ca.

It was so stunning, I took a photo of it.

The scene spurred me to think, that time is a precious commodity and that we must do our best in life, no matter the circumstances. That was also the wish of a good friend of mine.

This poem is dedicated to my father, Freddie G.


Scenic photo by Debbie Collett.


May you always have the freedom

That you need to just be you.

May you always have the strength

To do what you have to do.

May your days be filled with laughter;

May you never feel distress.

May you never lose the beauty

Of the love that you possess.

As you're climbing up the mountains

You must cross to meet your stars,

May you find the right direction,

May your journey not be far.

For our time is not forever

And the days are rushing by.

Of tomorrow we're not certain.

We must spread our wings and fly.

Debbie Collett

All Rights Reserved

Debbie Collett is a Kempsville resident and works in Norfolk as a paralegal.

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