• Debbie Collett

"Time leaves us holding dark and light" - Debbie Collett shares, Growing

I was looking through some pictures I took a while back and came across a tree, way out in the country. It made me start thinking about time, its impact on us and how we grow through experiences. A little while later, Growing, came to me.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Collett.


A tree is silent, but is moving,

Branches reaching out in time.

Into the air its leaves are shooting,

Gathering rain and bright sunshine.

Time leaves us holding dark and light;

All the feelings and the sights;

The best of days and longest nights,

The peaceful times and hardest fights.

It can have a way of changing;

Nothing can slow it down -

Twisting, turning, rearranging,

The days, the nights, the sounds.

Sometimes what we're looking for

Is not the same as what's in store.

At times, we seem to still want more.

With luck, in time, we'll reach the shore.


A Kempsville resident, Debbie Collett works in Norfolk.

All rights reserved.


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