• Debbie Collett

Youthful love inspires Kempsville poet to create, Solstice: "I hear the silent echoes that stil

This is a special piece, one that I wrote a while back. I think that just about everyone probably dated someone, when they were younger, about whom they still think fondly, now and then.

That’s what this poem is about.

Photo of a Lake Tahoe sunset by Gerald Franklin.


Summer may come and go

But I can recall

Days of my misadventures,

We did it all.

We cast out lines and

Looked out over the sea.

Traded our souls for laughter -

Always trying to believe.

To believe in love and music;

To believe in happy days.

And dancing in the early morning,

Laughing at the waves.

Never thinking our days were numbered.

The waves would somehow miss the shore.

The notes that I would keep on singing

Might not matter anymore.

I hear the silent echoes

That still drift upon the sand.

A starlit night that once we traveled

Cannot be held within my hand.

All rights reserved.

Debbie Collett is a Kempsville resident.


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