• Debbie Collett

Surf casting, spending time with father, moves poet to pen, The Shore

If you grew up around here, you learn to love the water: The ocean, bay, rivers and streams. I love the fall, but always hate to see the summer come to an end.

When I was little, my father would take my brother and me down to the fishing pier, where we would catch three-fish-at-a-time, when they were running; and to this day, I remember how exciting it was.

We would also go surf-casting from the beach, at Sandbridge and many times in Hatteras. We are very fortunate to have the beaches and other natural areas that surround us.

The Shore

A shell you’ve kept for many years

Reminds you of a sunny day

Of laughter and of happy times,

And peace along the way.

The diamond-studded ocean waves

Reflect the skies aglow,

With crimson, sparkling clouds;

As the sun begins to show.

With drifting foam upon the sand

And other gifts to find,

The spectral dawn emerges,

Spreading light, eclipsing time.

It never, ever is the same -

In wind, the sun, or rain,

The ocean sings its vibrant song

And brings us back again.

A seagull flies not far away.

A piper swiftly runs.

A dolphin group is passing by

Reflected in the sun.

The sights and sounds;

The mystic clouds,

Who could ask for more;

Than a visit to the shore.

Debbie Collett.

Photo by Debbie Collett.

All rights reserved.


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