• Debbie Collett

Poet pens Silent Dreams, reminding us that we all have special talents, we just have to let them shi

When I wrote Silent Dreams, I was thinking that everyone has special talents and abilities and if we foster those gifts, we will be more content every day.

Silent Dreams

Things are changing, moving faster -

Hard to keep up with the times;

Hard to find what you are after

And to get it all in line.

A river’s edge, a winter’s tree

Bring light and songs to those who hear;

And remind us change is coming,

And that change is always near.

Pick a moment you remember;

When you felt that you were free.

You were younger and believing

In achieving all your dreams.

Like a child we’re always searching.

Let time be kind to those who hear

The silent dreams that keep on playing,

The true songs in their inner ear.

Debbie Collett

All Rights Reserved


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