No need to move City Hall to Town Center, says Linda Russell of Cardinal Estates

June 5, 2017


With all of the talk about moving City Hall to Town Center, I couldn't help but go down "memory lane."


The military brought me and my family here more than 50 years ago. Not only did we stay, but our children and grandchildren have chosen to make Virginia Beach their home.


My children went to schools like Courthouse Elementary and the old Kellam High. My grandchildren attended schools like Christopher Farms and Landstown High.


I would have to agree that sometimes we need to move from one place to another, and the closing of Courthouse School in 1988 is a good example of a good move.


It was falling apart.


Students were spread out among two main structures and 12 portables. Paint was peeling and plaster was falling from the ceiling.


Students had to cross a driveway to the primary school building to get to the cafeteria and library.


The school which opened in 1931, had no air conditioning.


The building still stands at 2473 North Landing Road. It was absorbed into the Municipal Center just across the street from the courthouse.


If these buildings, which are much older than the building that houses City Hall, are good enough to be renovated and reused, why can't we do the same at City Hall?


Once, when I stopped by to say "hi" to then-Captain James Webb at Oceana Naval Air Station, I jokingly asked when we would be getting a new building for him.


His reply was that there was no money in the budget for that.


If my memory serves me, that building was built in the 1940s.


Sure, new buildings are great, but I can't help but feel a since of pride as I travel past the old buildings at Oceana and our city.


My children got the same great education in the old buildings and portables as my grandchildren received in the new buildings.


It's not the buildings, but the folks inside the buildings that make the difference.


Let's maintain local pride by keeping City Hall where it is.


Linda Russell
Cardinal Estates
May 20, 2017




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