Movie reviews: The Hitman's Bodyguard is worth the money, It is pretty good

September 18, 2017

      Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., movie critic Jon White lives in Hampton, Va., working as a technical supervisor. Here's a little more about him and his love of movies, in his own words. Following that, are his reviews of recently released motion pictures.


     "I been a movie lover since the days my mother took me to the matinee movies when I was a boy," said Jon White.  "Seeing a great movie for the first time is such an exhilaration, giving you that euphoric feeling of wonder and amazement.  However, a movie that was better suited for the trash can, as opposed to the big screen, will definitely make your face cringe and leave you feeling quite nauseous. This concern for the public’s viewing pleasure is what drives me to be a movie critic in the cinema age, to spare you the pain and discomfort from wasting your time and hard-earned money on movies that found their way to the theaters, before the dumpster.  May your minds be at peace, my fellow movie lovers, because I'm here paying that ticket price before you do."


                                                                              It  - Good movie


      I was a little dissatisfied with some changes they made from the original television film, but it was still a very good movie. The visual effects were chilling and catered to the creepy appeal of the movie. Bill Skarsgard did an excellent portrayal of Pennywise, offering his victims that slightly disguised viciousness under the thin layer of harmlessness. It was the thriller version of ET or The Goonies, focused on kids joining together to achieve a common goal. "It" is worth going to the theatres for especially if you were a fan of the original film.



Birth of the Dragon - Disappointing


      In regards to entertainment, this was a decent movie. I wouldn't classify this film as a "must see," so you definitely don't have to go to the movies for this film. While I enjoyed the fight scenes, this film doesn't offer any in depth insight into Bruce Lee or his overall personality.  Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story gave more details about the struggles he had to face. I would advise Bruce Lee fans to do further research to know more about his life and the type of renaissance man that he was and definitely not rely on this film.  



The Hitman's Bodyguard - Worth the money


     I suspected this movie would be trash, but it definitely is worth the ticket price. It gives you continuous entertainment with great action scenes, well-balanced with comical dialogue. Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are a good pair keeping the audience's interest throughout the whole film. This is the type of enjoyment I was expecting from Atomic Blonde, but Hitman succeeds in constantly hitting the target. It feels good when Hollywood gets it right. See it in the theatres.



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