VB poet visits Currituck Sound, finds colorful flock of swallows, inspiring her wildlife poem, Currituck

June 21, 2018

I had an unexpected day off in the middle of the week, so I decided to venture out for the day into the country.


I drove further than I had before, all the way to the Currituck Sound.


I also drove to Mackay Island.


On this day, it was open, but no other cars were there.


I went hiking and soon heard what sounded like a lot of birds.


I walked over and underneath a covered area on the water, many swallows were diving up and down, and then landing again under the roof.


They did not mind my watching; it was almost as if they were playing.


They were just, beautiful.


I only recently discovered that "Currituck" is an Algonquin Indian term meaning, "The Land of the Wild Goose."





With freedom to enjoy the day.

I search for something far away.

I slip away without a plan

And find a piece of me again.


A quiet road into the trees,

With flecks of sunlight inbetween,

I find a place not yet explored,

And find a quiet curving shore.


A marshy vibrant water scene

As if out of an artist’s dream.

With cattails bending in the wind

A red-wing starts to sing again.


A dozen different ducks fly by,

And birds soar high up in the sky.

The sunshine sparkles on the grass,

And looks like tiny shards of glass.


Underneath a covered berth,

Swallows lift then dip towards earth.

Purple, orange, black and blue;

An honor just to have the view.


And as I leave, an osprey flies.

I stand beneath the changing skies.

I spend a moment just to see,

And hear him call; he calls to me.


Debbie Collett is a Kempsville resident.

All Rights Reserved.



 Sunset on the Currituck Sound, at the spot where the osprey was flying,

but it was not in the nest. (Photo by Debbie Collett.)  


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