Poet finds inspiration for wildlife poem, Back Roads, during an incredible day trip to Sandbridge, Back Bay

July 26, 2018

I had gone to Sandbridge early one day when the wind began whipping up.  I decided to leave and did not have to be anywhere for several hours, so I drove  down  a few back roads in the country.   I went  down a back  road that curved around beside a small ravine  that probably led to Back Bay.  There in a small shed was an old horse.  He was incredible, along with everything else I saw that day.




Back Roads


Sparkling sun and running clouds.


Corn fields shuffling in the wind.


Sprawling, open land for miles.


Flowers bend, then stand again.




A pasture with a lonely tree


That’s flourished for so many years,


Brings shelter to a flock of wrens,


That soar, and then they reappear.


 Photo by Debbie Collett.



An old horse in a metal shed


Looks out over some brush and limbs;


And nods his still majestic head,


As though he is a long lost friend.




Above the whistling, changing breeze,


A bobwhite calls for all to hear.


And through the backdrop of the trees,


The shadow of a walking deer.




No matter where you’re going to,


There’s peace within a country view.


The silent song that’s running through


The trees, the land, comes into you.






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