Bout of insomnia leads Kempsville poet to find inspirational refuge

March 21, 2019

I started picturing peaceful scenes and landscapes one night when I just could not get to sleep. I wrote them down and within a short period of time, I drifted off. Here's what I saw:





Lay me down beside a mountain.

Where the air is fresh and clean;

And you can hear the gentle sound

Of a little mountain stream.


Lay me down beside the ocean.

Where the waves sing loving songs;

And the seabirds wing their winding paths,

And the sunshine's pure and strong.


Photo by Trevor Robinson.



Lay me down out in the country,

In a field that's fresh and sweet;

And the earth is soft and warm

With the grass beneath my feet.


Lay me down upon a river

Sparkling water passing by;

And I can see the life around me

As I drift beneath the sky.


Lay me down in quiet darkness.

With the clouds drifting apart;

Seeing endless stars above me -

Peaceful dreams within my heart.



All Rights Reserved.

Debbie Collett is a Kempsville resident and works in Norfolk.

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