Hellboy not that hot; Ron Perlman is missed; film needs an overhaul

April 13, 2019

​​​​​​​​​Hellboy is one of the movies that has been at the top of my favorites' list ever since the trailers were first released.  Ron Perlman, two times at bat in the lead role, was big screen worthy and I can watch either one his films, repeatedly. 


But, while David Harbour is a decent Hellboy replacement, the entire movie, as a whole, should have undergone more character and plot development, before being released. 



There wasn't a good balance in the film's tone, between being quirky and serious. 


While some decisions were made to prevent the film from being too dark, or grave, it mainly just succeeded in appearing to be subpar. 


The whole movie was in a state of limbo. There were action scenes that were well-detailed, but the costumes and make up jobs looked very cheesy. 


The storyline had a lot of promise, but the writers failed to utilize some of the characters who were the most appealing; especially, Daniel Dae Kim's character, who had an interesting background story, but they just rushed through it.


HellBoy didn't ignite anything, but my disappointment. 


I'm definitely not looking forward to a sequel or for them to continue this franchise, unless they do a major overhaul.  










Jon White lives on the Peninsula.

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