Brightburn, interesting horror film; Godzilla is good, but a letdown

June 4, 2019



Brightburn, basically, explores a Superman origin story from the standpoint of the super-powered individual, being a murderous psychopath. 


The story line and imagery are enough to keep you anxious for the outcome, although I felt some of the scenes were too graphic.  There is enough material to possibly make this into a new franchise, depending on the bottom line; or, more accurately, the box office's bottom line. 


While there have been numerous horror films with a supernatural aspect, this is an interesting approach, within the psychological thriller genre.  Jackson A. Dunn definitely portrays a creepy little dude, with Elizabeth Banks backing him up in a maternal role. 


I liked Gregory Alan Williams' character, as well; always good to see an original cast member from the original "Baywatch."  


My primary criticism with the film was that it was only 90 minutes long, but at least there weren't any scenes to encourage me to trash it.  It's worth a trip to the theaters.  




It's always good to see my favorite radioactive lizard taking out his frustrations on his fellow monsters, proving he's in charge. 


In Godzilla: King of Monsters, the plot and visual effects complemented each other, making this an enjoyable chapter to watch. 


The cast contains many familiar faces, from O'Shea Jackson Jr., Millie Bobby Brown, Aisha Hinds, Vera Farmiga and the return of my personal favorite, Ken Watanabe. 


While the movie meets my approval for a trip to the theaters, I do feel the production team was lazy on detailing some of the fight scenes, specifically the last one. 


The last battle deserved more than a snapshot approach.  With all the advances in the cinematic world, I shouldn't be left craving some of the 1970 movies to satisfy my Godzilla smackdown fix. 


Though stingy on in-depth close-up time with the two main monster contenders, it still was a good film.  










Jon White lives on the Peninsula.


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