Trying times inspired Kempsville poet to create the piece, Tides

June 10, 2019

I wrote this on a particularly difficult day.  I remember thinking, "Sometimes, the simplest things, can be uplifting." Here is an inspirational poem, entitled, "Tides."






In the silence of the winter,


Or the music of July;


When the night closes around me


And I find nowhere to hide.




In the middle of a hard day


That never seems to end;


Or the motion of the different leaves


Upon a changing wind.




It can touch my heart so easy


Like a late-day singing bird;


Who is happy just in living,


But in living, must be heard.




When I cry sometimes in silence,


And I laugh sometimes in pain;


Then I look in your direction


And I see your smile again;




Like a flock of snow geese flying -


They can hear they’re not alone;


If I pause and see you smiling


I can feel I have a home.



Debbie Collett is a Kempsville resident and works in Norfolk.

All rights reserved.

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