The Lion King is an excellent family film for new fans; older fans may not like it quite as much

July 19, 2019

     Disney's remake of its 1994 blockbuster hit, The Lion King, was released yesterday and is a photo-realistic computer animated product, as opposed to the animated original. 

     The special effects are impressive and it's quite amazing, from a visual standpoint. 

     The storyline matches up with the original in a lot of areas, but there are some key plot changes. If people just take this movie at face value, it qualifies as a good family movie that will captivate the kids. 


The special effects are impressive and it's quite amazing, from a visual standpoint. 


     However, fans of the original will not choose this version over its predecessor, and may even be disgusted by some of the changes. 

     I didn't feel a remake was warranted, but Hollywood is still in their remake phase; on that note, there will be a live action version of Mulan

     Basically, the 2019 version may please people who haven't seen the original and upset those that did. 

     (Image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.) 



     Spider-Man: Far From Home is good enough to see in theaters from an entertainment standpoint, but I was still disappointed. 

     While attempting to cater to a young audience, the writers move the tone of Spider-Man to an awkward, quirky formula, that many movies and television programs have adopted. 

     Basically, the hero goes on a school trip and falls in love.                 While Marvel Movies have dominated at the box office, some of their story lines have lacked intensity and grit. 

     The heart of Spider-man is humor through sarcasm and his overall appeal is that he has an edge to him. 

     He used to be a loner, one who finds humor in dark situations to help him endure. Now, however, the studios market him like some type of lovesick puppy, with his biggest dilemma being trying to decide what flowers to buy for his date. 

     Once again, while the film served it's purpose to be entertaining, I don't like where the franchise is heading.

     The film's cast includes, Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Samuel L. Jackson and Marisa Tomei.  


     I truly didn't want to see Crawl, but it met a lot of my personal requirements, from an action perspective. 

     My biggest complaint is that it's only 90 minutes and I can only recommend it for the big screen, if, you have already seen your movie list or if you are a die-hard movie lover. 

     The film has a plausible plot, with only a couple of minor flaws, and it's very successful at keeping the crowd's attention. 

     I'm happy I forced myself to see it in the theaters, but I did pay the matinee price. 

     The film's cast includes, Kaya Scodelario, Anson Boon, Ami Metcalf, Colin McFarland and George Somner


     Spider Man: Far From Home image courtesy of,

     Crawl image courtesy of











Jon White lives on the Peninsula.

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