New poem, Wings, may inspire others to think about the dwindling numbers of elegant migratory birds

October 23, 2019

One of the neatest things I’ve ever seen and heard was a very large group of migratory geese, and other birds, that had stopped at Mackay Island. 


There were white and brown geese, several different water birds and different kinds of ducks. It was just a beautiful scene. 


I read an article the other day that we are losing billions of birds and started thinking about what they bring to us and mean to us.  I am hopeful that since more people are in tune with the environment, their population numbers will improve.








They paint the world with sound and grace,


And make this earth a better place.


Bring crystal colors to our eyes;


Formations that adorn our skies.



They  place a light upon our paths,


And make us wish that we could soar


Over the clouds, above the trees -


Or float upon a summer breeze.



Only a few that speak at night;


But with the early morning light


We hear their calling in the wind,


And hear their trilling songs again.



They share our earth and own the sky


Like dancers simply passing by -


Or singers, singing different tunes,


Or different flowers in full bloom.



Flying low, or soaring fast,


A play with an assorted  cast,


The freedom in their lofty wings,


Can glide into and light our dreams.


















Debbie Collett

All Rights Reserved

Photo by Trevor Robinson.

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