Harriet shows what a true, real-life hero Harriet Tubman really was; unhappy critics missed the point. Midway is worth seeing, but never really takes off

November 16, 2019

Harriet is a testament to a true American patriot, and a warrior, in every sense of the word. Her life was the definition of a "hero."  


Some critics have been harsh towards the film for it not being entirely accurate from a historical standpoint, yet the movie never claimed it was an actual documentary of her life. Furthermore, it serves the purpose of exposing people to a hero, who is not credited enough, and has yet to be added to any American currency which she rightfully deserves.


The film gives an excellent job of giving some important facts, and being enjoyable for the audience. The writers did use some creative license to give the film some flair, but surely we know this is not the only film guilty of taking such liberties.


It's estimated Mrs. Harriet Tubman rescued 70 slaves, was an integral part in the success of the Combahee Ferry Raid, and served with the Massachusetts 54th infantry. With all the sacrifices she made in her life, it's more than fair for us to do some research to fill in the blanks to get a more accurate account of it.


Cynthia Erivo was magnificent, backed by a worthy supportive cast. It was definitely a powerful and uplifting movie. The unhappy critics missed the point; it was an excellent film for the big screen. 


Midway is about giving respect to all of the fallen soldiers who fought for everyone's freedom. Credit, respect and gratitude is given to all heroes, past and present, who sacrificed for the liberties of all. 


Outside of its historical content, reviewing this movie solely on its cinematic appeal, it is a satisfactory movie. With all the heavy hitters selected for this film, I anticipated something more epic.


The dialogue and visual displays were adequate enough to build an emotional response from the audience, but overall the film didn't reach the level of outstanding proportions. Yet, the action events were intense, and directed quite well.


Though it didn't reach the high standard I hoped for, the acting, combined with the dialogue and action scenes, does make this film acceptable to see on the big screen. 















Jon White lives on the Peninsula.

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