Doctor Sleep may be as good as The Shining; Ford v Ferrari could have been better; 21 Bridges is rough, gritty and worth seeing

November 30, 2019


Doctor Sleep is a good connection to The Shining, offering a well-conceived, extended plot. Some of the scenes were brutal, in regards to the imagery; not anything gory or graphic, but just in the context of what was taking place, made it all very stirring.


I didn't believe this followup would be anything eventful, but I was very impressed with its approach. I would classify the film as a thriller, with a strong supernatural aspect.


Not at all lousy, as I first anticipated, it was quite delightful and worth the ticket price. 


The contest is appealing, along with the other dynamics in Ford v Ferrari, but in my opinion it doesn't warrant my full price ticket approval.


It's a good drama, with an interactive story line that will keep the viewers interested.


Matt Damon and Christian Bale are excellent together and succeed in bringing attention to this historic racing event, the 24 hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.


I enjoyed the problem-solving process the characters underwent to deal with the plot's primary conflict. The racing scenes are absorbing, but the drama lacks the horsepower to cross the finish line for monumental.


A good film, but not THE film. A decent night out, especially if you're fans of Bale, or Damon, but it is not a must-see. 


21 Bridges delivered on my expectations. It was rough, gritty, and didn't make any apologies for being hardcore.


The coarse dialogue complimented the movie's tough style. There wasn't any dragging parts; the film kept the crowd concentrated on the characters, and their ordeal.


Chadwick Boseman once again was superb, and he was surrounded by a very talented cast. Stephan James did a great job holding his own.


The movie proved it's worth the ticket price, just for the gun shots and gun smoke, alone. 















Jon White lives on the Peninsula.

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